• Take control of your
    with Xerox Cloud
  • Take control of your
    Storage Automation
    Xerox portal helps you take care of all of your
    virtual storage tasks like add, modify and
    delete storage. You can also add storage disk volumes.
  • Take control of your
    Virtual Provisioning
    Xerox Portal helps you provision VMs and
    maintain them with ease. You can add Storage,
    vCPU, Operating System and Memory of
    your choice and it takes care of all the rest.
  • Take control of your
    VM Utilization
    Xerox Portal gives you consistent graphical
    data about your virtual machine utilization
    on a daily, weekly and monthly basis which
    helps you make informed decisions about
    your virtual infrastructure utilization.
  • Take control of your
    Virtual Machine
    Xerox Portal allows you to access your virtual
    machine directly from the portal using vm-
    console window. You can perform most of
    your house keeping task like patch updates
    directly from the console

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Businesses today expect to run without unexpected interruption. Xerox Disaster Recovery as a Service provides the platform to rapidly restore a business? mission critical services and data within the Xerox Cloud. Your business gains the ability to recover from natural events impacting wide areas as well as smaller, yet still catastrophic business events.

Gain peace of mind with annual testing of your disaster recovery needs and know that Xerox Disaster Recovery as a Service gives you the RTO performance you require should a disaster ever truly occur. The Xerox Cloud Backup as a Service serves as a foundation to our Disaster Recovery as a Service solution. We work with you to leverage the appropriate backup capability with the required outcome for your disaster recovery needs.

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